Rubik's Cube Solver

There are Rubikโ€™s cube solver apps and then there are those awesome Rubikโ€™s cube solver apps that are some of the best you can find today. Use the app on your phone or from your PC โ€“ anytime and anywhere.

  • Learn to solve a Rubikโ€™s cube on your own and impress your friends.
  • Start from any position or face and choose your own positions of each color.
  • Let the program guide you through solving your own Rubikโ€™s cube.
  • Choose a new puzzle every time for an endless list of permutations and combinations.
  • Generate a random scramble or use a plain view to create your own scramble.
  • The program warns you when a wrong color configuration is keyed in.
  • Follow simple directions to solve your own Rubikโ€™s cube.
  • How to solve Rubikโ€™s cube with the Rubikโ€™s cube solver

    Follow the steps listed bellow to solve your Rubik's cube in matter of minutes!

    1. Choose a view of your choice

    Before you begin, choose a view that suits you from the available tabs above the cube. By default, the view that you see is a 3D view of the cube. You can view the whole cube with the front face transparent or even lift the other faces.

    The second option is to open out the cube โ€“ this is an easier way to set up the scrambled cube.

    2. Scramble the cube

    There are many ways you can scramble the cube.

    The simplest method is to use the โ€˜Color Pickerโ€™ on the Rubikโ€™s cube solver to choose a color and then paste it on the surface of the open cube. If you want to deactivate the color picker, simply double click.

    You can move across the cube, placing the colors in their appropriate positions. As you click each field, you can choose the appropriate color.

    Using the letters L (left), R (right), U (up), D (down), F (front), and B (back), you can rotate the face of the cube. You can also do this by using rotation buttons. The cube moves clockwise. For counterclockwise rotation, use the keys on the app that have alphabets followed by an apostrophe (Lโ€™, Rโ€™, Uโ€™, Dโ€™, Fโ€™, Bโ€™).

    You can generate a random puzzle by clicking the Scramble button. If you click the Reset button now, the puzzle will revert to its solved state.

    3. Calculate the number of moves to complete the puzzle

    Once the colors on the cube have been configured properly and match your Rubikโ€™s cube, click the Solve button. The app will take a few minutes to compute and provide a solution.

    A new tab will open, showing the solution.

    If the app finds something wrong with the computation, you can make readjustments to the color scramble.

    The directions on the solution page are easy to follow. Simply follow the direction of the arrows. Remember, a turn in the wrong direction can leave your puzzle in a jumble. So take your time with solving the Rubikโ€™s cube with this Rubikโ€™s cube solver app.

    Your comments and suggestions are valuable. Please feel free to leave them on the app page.